Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Figma Guyver 1 Comparison with Maxfactory Bio Fighter Collection Guyver 1 Review

I have been a collector of the Maxfactory Bio Fighter Collection Guyver figures for many years now and it was only recently that the Figma Guyver 1 came to my attention. Even though I have seen pictures of the Figma Guyver 1 figure for a while, I had always thought that it was just a scaled down version of the previous Bio Fighter Collection Guyver 1 figure.

It turns out that I was wrong and there are many differences between the old and new Guyver figure and the Figma Guyver 1  could be a good start to a promising toy line.

In terms of scale, the Figma Guyver 1 figure is smaller than the BFC Guyver 1 figure but the differences do not stop here. Articulation and paint job wise, the Figma version is fantastic and even more articulated than the BFC version.

For example, the Figma Guyver 1 can actually perform a high kick and a split which the BFC Guyver 1 is not able to, due to the very hard rubber located near the waist.

Also, you can switch out the chest piece on the Figma Guyver 1  so that there is more space and you can actually get the toy into the folded arms pose. This was a pose I could never get from the BFC Guyver Figures. 

The Figma Guyver 1 also comes with interchangeable hands much like the BFC Guyver 1, with fists, open palms and a pair of hands for opening up the mega smasher. He also comes with a stand for aerial poses. Even though the stands do not look as cool as those that came with the BFC Guyver figures, they actually serve the purpose better. Similar to the BFC series, the Figma Guyver 1  comes with a Unit-G.

There are also many improvements to the design of the Figma Guyver 1 including how the chest plates hiding the mega smashers are held in place. In the Figma version, the chest plates open up and are held by circular pegs while the BFC version has metal hinges which tend to oxidize over time. Also, they are pretty loose and drop off easily so the chest plates design is actually much better in the Figma version. The megasmashers on the BFC Guyver does have a better paint job and looks like there is energy glowing from within while the Figma version looks more dull.

In summary, the Figma Guyver 1  figure loses out to the BFC Guyver 1 figure in terms of size and paint job on the megasmasher but wins in terms of articulation and overall design. The price on the Figma version is also more reasonable as the BFC series has been discontinued for many years and prices have been climbing continuously.

Check out this video for a very in depth comparison between the Figma Guyver 1  and BFC Guyver 1.

The Figma Guyver 1 is available on Amazon.com and has a rating of 4.7/5 with 27 reviews.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Bandai Tamashii Nations S.H. Figuarts Sage Mode "Naruto Shippuden" Action Figure Review

The S.H. Figuarts Sage Mode Naruto comes with amazing likeness to the anime character as we have come to expect from SH Figuarts. Tamashii Nations really greatly improved on the previous Naruto figure and this new Naruto Sage Mode figure is really beautiful. I really like the facial expression on Naruto as the feel of the character is really captured very well.

The S.H. Figuarts Sage Mode Naruto has immaculate paint job and is highly articulated. Also, it comes with tons of accessories. Firstly, Naruto comes with two Sage Mode faces and a smiling face. Interchangeable hands include fist hands, Kunai holding hands, Justu hand which is what he does for his Kage Bunshin, open palms and a hand with a peg on it to hold the Rasengan.

Talking about Rasengan, he not only comes with the regular Rasengan but also another energy effect for his Rasen-Shuriken. Most importantly, he comes with a Tamashii Nations figure stand which can be used to hold the S.H. Figuarts Sage Mode Naruto figure itself as well as the Rasen-Shuriken. For regular weapons, he also comes with two Kunais.

Original Name S.H.Figuarts うずまきナルト 仙人モード
Official Release Date Jul 26, 2016
Version Japan
PAX-Code PAX0007813064

Box contents
SH Figuarts Sage Mode Naruto Figure
4 Right replacement wrist
3 Left replacement wrist
2 Replacement face parts
2 Miyauchi
Rasen Shuriken effect
Rasengan effect
Pedestal set

Non Scale Action Figure
Material: ABS and PVC
Height: approx. 140mm
Limited availability

The S.H. Figuarts Sage Mode Naruto is on sale on Amazon.com and currently has a score of 4.5/5.0.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

SH Figuarts Street Fighter Ryu Action Figure Bandai Tamashii Nations Review

This S.H. Figuarts RYU Action Figure looks like a good start for a promising line. Many companies have taken on the Street Fighter line before but SH Figuarts is known to deliver highly articulated and beautiful figures so this got me really excited.

Unlike the SH Figuarts Dragonball Z line which has been pretty stingy with power up effects and figure stands, the S.H. Figuarts RYU Action Figure will include a background sheet featuring his stage and a "hadoken" energy effect and it looks great!

The S.H. Figuarts RYU Action Figure comes with the following:

  • Ryu figure (15cm high)
  • Optional expression parts (2 types)
  • Optional hands left and right
  • Hadoken effect
  • Effect support part
  • Background sheet

Release date for this figure is in June 2017 and he will retail for 6480yen (about USD$55)

The SH Figuarts Ryu figure is available for Pre Order on Amazon.com.